Lebanese Local Transfer

Processing Time1 business day

What you need to know:

1. By choosing this withdrawal option, you’ll receive your funds through the Lebanese Local Transfer (AC) you used when making your deposit.
2. As soon as you receive your funds, please notify us using one of the options below:

  1. Live Chat
  2. Phone
  3. Email
  4. Upload payment confirmation in the Your Details section of MyFXTM

This information is very important to us, so please do let us know you received your funds as soon as possible!

3. Withdrawals to third parties will not be accepted. The name of the Receiver must match the name on your trading account.
4. If funds are deposited via the Lebanese Local Transfer (AC), withdrawals must be made using the same method.
5. Please check that you have sufficient free margin available in your account to cover your withdrawal. If you don’t, you can choose to close open positions in your account to accommodate this.
6. There is no minimum withdrawal amount, although the maximum withdrawal limit per transfer is 10,000 USD (unless otherwise specified by FXTM). A fee may be charged for exchanging funds into local currency. This amount will be subtracted from the amount withdrawn by the Lebanese Local Transfer (AC). More information on exchange rates and local withdrawal terms and conditions, please contact the Lebanese Local Transfer (AC) directly.
7. Withdrawals are processed by FXTM within 24 hours (during specified business hours) from the date of your request. The funds will be posted to your account within one business day of being processed by us. In the event that we are unable to verify the information that you provided, processing times may be subject to delay
8. Please take care when providing your details. FXTM and the Lebanese Local Transfer (AC) will process your withdrawal request according to the instructions that you provide.

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